About us

About us

this is our story

The KCA (Kongolese Children’s Association)is a registered charity based in the UK, founded in 2002. 

The migration of Congolese people into Britain is a key part of the story of modern asylum movements into Western Europe. 

In 2001 a year before KCA was born the first count of Congolese people in the census was 8,590 living in Britain and 6,885 were recorded to be in northern inner London areas. 

Ten years later in 2011 there were 19,510 Congolese born residents in the UK. 

We recognised that travelling across the world to a new country, some fleeing war and poverty. Is a scary and difficult experience especially for those raising a family in a new environment. 

This is what we do best

We also recognised the rise in youth violence in London at the time and wanted to protect our young people. In 2008, an article showed that a third of those killed in Greater London were either refugees or newly arrived migrants (students or moved to the UK as children). Between 2007 and 2088, 8 Congolese children were killed in London.. 

We as a group have an in-depth understanding of the social characteristics of the Kongolese community in the UK. We deliver services to all ranges of ages, especially in education by advising, orienting and sign-posting; and we have been supporting families, children and schools in different ways and have the skills, experience and ability to deliver.

KCA aims to

  • We aim to tackle the underachievement of young people from the black and minority ethnic groups
  • We aim to tackle youth crime and anti social behaviour
  • We aim to boost children and young people’s confidence and security in their cultural background and identity
  • We aim to support families learning and development